What is Share Magnet?!

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Help Center

Creating a Share Magnet

Do you have something to promote or advertise? Use your consumers’ social influence to connect your brand with their friends.Learn More

Matching a Sharer to a Magnet

How do we match a Magnet to a Sharer? When both Sharers and Business Owners register on our site, they provide us with relevant demographic information. Our fancy algorithms do the rest. Learn More

Sharing a Magnet

Want to earn extra cash? Sharing a Magnet with your social networks is as easy as posting an update to your Facebook timeline or Twitter feed. Learn More

Generating Clicks

How can you get your friends to click on your posted link? It’s all about credibility & relevance... with a personal touch. Learn More

Advertiser Payments

Still confused how Share Magnet works and how you can get paid? Learn More

Share Bank

Where’s your money? You’ve got your very own personal bank account with us... and it’s yours to cash out. Learn More